20 Plant Propagation Stations that Look Adorable!

plant propagation stations
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For plant geeks, propagating plants can be such a fun and rewarding process. It’s incredible to grow a plant from a tiny plant cutting and see it blossom into a whole new plant of its own. Plus, it’s a great way to get free plants!

Technically, you can propagate a plant in any glass, jar or bottle. But why not bring it up a notch and show off your plant cuttings by investing in a propagation station? These days, you can find a whole slew of tastefully designed propagation stations that not only allow you to grow plants in water and also add to the aesthetics of your home.

I have rounded up some of the best propagation stations for under $25 that are available online. They range from slick and modern, to boho and rustic. And they’re all as beautiful as they are functional.

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Propagation Stations that You Can Buy Online

1. Hanging Glass Terrarium Kits

Can propagation stations get any cuter? These hanging glass containers make for a super sweet propagation station and cool home decor item. This terrarium kit comes with one bulb, one triangle, one water drop, one diamond, and one sphere glass planters. They come with twine rope that can be used to hang the planters from the ceiling or on the windows.

Buy it here: $19.99

propagation station ideas - hanging glass bulbs

2. Boho Macrame Wooden Wall Propagation Station

I can’t wait to get my hands on this boho-style propagation station!  Made up of hardwood shelves strung together by macrame, this hanging propagation station is as functional as it is stylish. The two tiered design maximizes space and enhances visibility of your plant babies. You can propagate any kind of plants here, including easy beginner plants like the Monstera and Dracaena.

Buy it here: $24.99 

wall propagation station ideas

3. Propagation Station with Wooden Stand

This is my personal favorite propagation station that I use a lot at home. Crafted out of glass and wood, this propagation station is simple yet stylish. This simple wooden stand holds three heat-resistant bud vases that are perfect for propagation. The vintage design adds a clean modern, refreshing touch to any home. 

Buy it here: $11.99

propagation stations for home decor

4. Test Tube Planter Vase with Wooden Stand

This plant terrarium uses test tubes instead of round-bottomed vases. They stand firmly in the slots of the wooden frame, which is excellently crafted for durability and stability. Perfect for propagating any kind of plant!

Buy it here: $16.89

test tube propagation

5. Hanging Test tube Propagation Station

Perfect for propagating small plants, this adorable hanging test tube propagation station is easy to hang and adds a really fun touch to your home. The frame is made of iron, while the test tube is made of heat resistant glass. It comes with hanging twines and hooks.

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Buy it here: $17.97

hanging propagation station with metal frame

6. Rustic Wall Hanging Glass Planter 

Probably the most unique item on this list of propagation stations, this wall hanging planter has such a creative design. It’s made up of 4 strings with tiny 2-inch bottles, all of which can be hung on any wall or window. Put your cuttings in there and watch your plant babies grow roots while enjoying this piece of art!

Buy it here: $19.99

wall propagation station - hanging planter

7. Tabletop Propagation Station with Metal Stand

For a more contemporary look, this tabletop propagation stand makes a great addition to any desktop in your home or office. The metal stand is made of durable iron with a golden finish and it looks delicate and exquisite. The wide mouth opening of the test tubes makes it easy to propagate bigger plants and to change water easily.

Buy it here: $14.99

tabletop propagation station with metal stand

8. Oblate Wall Mounted Glass Terrariums

With a unique oblate shape, this hanging glass planter adds a modern look to any home. Each pack comes with a set of four planters. A small hole at the top back of each pots makes it convenient to hang this wall propagation station on the wall (white nail hook provided). Easy to install and remove for cleaning or replace water for plants.

Buy it here: $21.99

wall propagation station

9. Glass Planter Bulb Propagation Station

Slick and clean-cut, this glass planter terrarium reminds me of the apparatus you use in a laboratory. I love the novel swing design which makes the glass bulbs swing around. The glass bulbs are made of heat resistant glass and they don’t break easily. They’re perfect for propagating plants that grow in water.

Buy it here: $19.99

propagation stations - wooden stand

10. Double Layer Wall Hanging Propagation Station

Another great wall propagation station, this double layer setup is an excellent decorative piece with plenty of space for your plants to grow. The frame is made of quality wood and it has a vintage look. It comes with six glass vases that are great for observing the plants’ roots. Also included are two metal swivel holder, a wall mounting hardware bag, and cleaning brush. 

Buy it here: $22.99

best propagation stations - wall mounted planter

11. Wall Mounted Propagation Station and Keyholder

Want to have a multi-functional propagation station? This wooden wall-mounted station is a smart invention that doubles as a key holder. Make full use of the limited wall space you have and install this propagation station right by the entrance of your home. It comes with three glass test tubes and four hooks where you can hang keys as well as bags and belongings.

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Buy it here: $23.99

wall propagation stations - double as keyholder

12. Cat Plant Propagation Station

Cat lovers alert! This ridiculously cute propagation station is creatively designed in the shape of a cat, combined with a heart-shaped glass propagation vase. The frame is made of durable iron and the vase is made of heat-resistant glass. Its simple but quirky design makes it a great gift for any cat and plant lovers.

Buy it here: $12.99

cat shaped propagation vase - unique propagation station

13. Desktop Propagation Station with Building Blocks

With an eclectic design, this unique propagation station can be transformed into various configurations based on your preference. It’s made up of 8 wooden building blocks and 4 test tube propagation vases that can be set up easily, into different shapes. Perfect for nature lovers, the blocks are painted in four earth colors: white, coffee, brown and gray.

Buy it here: $16.98

unique propagation station - building blocks

14. Wooden Stand Propagation Station

Similar to the wooden stand propagation station I recommended above, this one consists of three propagation vases on a wooden stand — except that the vases can be easily removed. This definitely makes cleaning easier, but the propagation station is also less stable and there are higher chances of dropping the glass vases. Still, just look at how cool this propagation station looks!

Buy it here: $17.99

wooden desktop propagation station

15. Glass Propagation Vases with Lid and Wooden Tray

For those who want something more traditional, this trio of glass propagation vases is perfect. It has a Japanese feel, with a modern bamboo tray and three glasses that have been covered with lids. The lids are something that none of the propagation stations on this list has, and it makes sure your plant babies and water stay safe in the vases. I also like that these propagation vases are bigger than most of the items on this list, which means you can keep your plant babies in there longer without having to move them into a pot.

Buy it here: $17.99

glass propagation vase for cuttings

16. Test Tube Vases with Wood Block Base

This wooden block propagation station is simple on its own — but buy a couple of them, mount them to your wall with one on top on another, and you’ll get a stunning vertical garden. The wood block base can be easily mounted on the wall, but you can also place it on a table, shelf, or windowsill. You can propagate pink houseplants on it to add some colors to your home, or better yet, paint the wooden block any color you like!

Buy it here: $14.99

test tube propagation station with wooden block

17. Macrame Boho Fringe Test Tube Planter

For boho interiors lover, this macrame rope art tapestry is a dream come true. The gorgeous hand-woven macrame piece allows you to propagate up to five plants each time. Exuding a soft and romantic feel, it works really well in creating a boho chic atmosphere in any home. I’m definitely buying this next!

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Buy it here: $24.99

macrame boho test tube propagation station

18. Magnetic Concrete Propagation Station

An innovative option for plant lovers, this magnetic propagation station uses technology to create a simple but sophisticated set up. The test tubes are made up of magnetic borosilicate glass, and can be strongly attached to the magnetic concrete wall propagation discs which are easily hung on the wall with drywall screws. This set comes with 3 discs and 3 test tubes; as well as a bottle of propagation fertilizer and a water refill squeeze bottle specifically designed for these test tubes.

Buy it here: $29.95

magnetic test tube propagation station

19. Hanging Test Tube Wooden Planters

If you don’t have enough space on your plant shelves or tabletop, this eye-catching minimalistic option is easy to hang on a wall. All you need is to do is install the no-mark hook into the wall and hang the wooden plank! The plank is strong enough to hold the weight of four fixed glass vases. The only flaw of this design is that the vases cannot be individually removed, so you’ll need to take the whole propagation station off the wall in order to wash or propagate new plants.

Buy it here: $12.99

test tube propagation station

20. Hanging Lightbulb Propagation Station

Those obsessed with hanging planters (guilty as charged) will love these hanging lightbulb plant pots. These lightbulb propagation vases are actually forged with high-quality borosilicate glass to sustain the strong elements of nature. The glass is also engineered to resist heat, so you can easily hang them in a corner with direct sunlight (if your plant babies need them). Plus the lightbulbs have holes to allow the plants to receive oxygen and to grow.

Buy it here: $10.95

hanging glass bulb planters - hanging propagation station

Final Thoughts on Propagation Stations

If you haven’t tried propagating a plant before, I hope this list of propagation stations inspires you to get started. All of the propagation stations I’ve recommended above are great for beginners. Check out my recommendations for plants that grow in water. These propagation stations will not only give your cuttings the beautiful home they deserve, but also make for excellent home decor items. Happy propagating!

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