20 Best Shelves for Plants

20 Best Shelves for Plants
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If you’re looking for creative ways to display your plants and free up space on the floor, check out our curated list of the best shelves for plants!

Investing in the best plant shelves has seriously transformed the interior of our home. Instead of delicate leaves trailing all over the floor – where they can easily be damaged as well as tripping you up – they now make a glorious off-the-ground display that always attracts compliments.

The great news is you can buy cool plant shelves to fit into any budget and space available. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Many make an awesome feature in their own right, and that’s before you’ve even gotten around to adding all your favorite greenery!

This guide lists 20 of the best shelves for plants, ranging from tiered units to floating and hanging shelves. We’ve handpicked the trendiest and most affordable products on the market right now. Let’s get started!

best shelves for plants

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20 Best Plant Shelves

Floor-standing plant shelves

1. ShopLaLa wall planter

This incredible wall trellis will allow your climbing plants to do exactly what comes naturally to them, as each wooden slat gives them a surface to cling onto. A range of pack sizes is available, and this indoor trellis also comes in different measurements to suit your space. You can then use it as a plant shelf by hooking pots onto the slats. I find this really works indoors as well as outside!

Check it out here

free standing floor plant shelf

2. Free-standing 4-tier plant shelf

If you want a ladder shelf that doesn’t need fixing to the wall, try this one for size. It’s ultra sturdy and even comes with the kex wrenches you’ll need to put it together! With a rust-proof frame, you could even pop it outside on the balcony for a while whenever you fancy a change. Each shelf can hold between 30 and 50 pounds – which translates to a fair few plants.

Check it out here

best shelves for plants

3. Multi-level indoor or outdoor plant shelf

Items that can be re-purposed if you move home in future always make good sense to us. Spend your cents wisely on this multi-tiered plant stand and you can use it indoors or outside. There’s just so much space here for plants of all sizes – from your smallest seedlings to your biggest ceramic pot! The wood has also been aged to resist damage.

Check it out here

best plant shelves

4. Rolling bamboo plant shelf

When you’re the sort who likes to switch up your home decor pretty often, this plant stand on wheels is ideal. You can roll it around at will, and 4 of the 6 slatted spaces provide you with the perfect place for showing off taller plants. The bamboo is insect-proofed and treated to resist corrosion, and 2 of the castors are lockable so the stand stays just where you want it to.

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Check it out here

bamboo plant shelf with wheels

5. 5 tier bookshelf with 46 variants

What’s that? 46 ways to put this together, you say? Oh yeah. This bookshelf can be put together just as shown in the picture – or in 45 other ways. You don’t have to take my word for it – check out the listing to see all the options. In fact check it out anyway to see it being used for the best possible purpose – displaying plants!

Check it out here

cool plant stands

6. Room divider, bookshelf and plant stand

This shelving unit is an incredible piece of furniture, it really is! You can use it as a bookshelf, a room divider – or of course a set of ultra cool plant shelves. It comes in white or brown and we bet most of you could fit your entire plant collection on this. Well maybe – if you’re not quite as addicted to house plants as I am. Fixing this to the wall is recommended by its manufacturer.

Check it out here

best plant stands

Wall-mounted shelves for plants

7. 5-tier stylized corner unit

The best shelves for plants are often those that can be used for other purposes. I love using corner shelves in our home because they make the most of every hidden corner, making your interior look attractive at the same time. Believe it or not, drawing the eye to the edges of the room can even make it appear bigger. There are several colors to choose from, and the metal panels joining each shelf to the next are really nifty.

Check it out here

8. 6-tier ladder bookcase

Ladder units have been making waves on the interiors scene for some time and there’s plenty of room for your plants on top of these book shelves. Each shelf is almost 10 inches deep and there are 6 shelves to fill with your greenery. I adore this kind of unit as it’s far more of a space-saver than your average indoor plant bench. A real perk is the two hooks to each side, which of course you can hang more plants from!

Check it out here

Floating plant shelves

9. Set of wooden shelves

These wooden floating shelves really helps to draw the eye to your well cared-for collection of house plants. The rustic wood finish adds to the natural appeal of your greenery. With a more generous depth, a water-repellent finish and simple no-stud installation, these top quality floating shelves will give your pampered plants a great home.

Check it out here

floating wooden shelf for plants

10. 3-pack of square floating shelves

There are more shape options for the best shelves for plants than rectangular! These square ones are really unique, and I adore the way they ‘frame’ each plant like a picture. Each can also hold a whopping 10 pounds, so it’s no biggie if you have some rather heavy plant pots in your collection. 3 black, gray or white shelves are included, and they’re all the same size for a uniform look.

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Check it out here

floating plant shelves

11. 5 rustic brown floating shelves with lip

If you’re at all concerned by knocking your plants off as you water them – don’t be! Just buy this set of 5 rustic-look shelves instead. A lip to the outer edge on each one makes sure all items stay exactly where they should. Every shelf is a one-off, as the finish varies according to the engineered wood grain.

Check it out here

best plant stands

Hanging shelves for plants

12. Twin-pack of hanging shelves

These are some of the best ways to hang indoor plants. They’re compact enough to fit anywhere and available in 4 colors – and I think the wall-strung design makes them an interesting interior feature in their own right! Everything is included in the package too, so you can set them up right away.

Check it out here

floating plant shelves

13. Macrame 3-tier hanging shelf

If you love the boho look, then you’ll adore this macrame hanging shelf as much as I do! This is my personal favorite on this list of best shelves for plants. A row of our small succulents looks really neat on this, alternated with other decorative trinkets to add interest. Such a cute gift for any plant fan.

Check it out here

macrame plant shelf

14. Rope hanging plant shelf

Wondering how to hang plants without drilling? This is a great option: all you need is a hook to hang this from a curtain rod. Available in natural wood tone or a deeper, more chocolatey brown, this rope hanging shelf can hold one large plant or a few smaller ones. Its versatility makes it one of the best plant shelves around – hang it wherever you have space, and at any level you like. Fans of a minimalist or rustic look will love this one!

Check it out here

rope plant shelf - hanging shelf for plants

Round plant shelves

15. Solid wood industrial-style shelves

I adore the industrial look of these round shelves – and as they’re made from solid wood you know they’re going to last. Is there any better shaped-shelf to pop a plant pot on than this? To be honest I wouldn’t even have though about round shelves until a fellow plant lover introduced me to these, but now our home wouldn’t be the same without them!

Check it out here

round plant shelves

Wall shelves with brackets

16. Set of 3 shelves to go either-way-up

What’s not to love about this set of three wall shelves – my favorite feature is the fact that you can place the brackets to the top or the bottom to create the look you want. They come in 7 cool colors too, including a more unusual reddish brown. What’s awesome is that this shelving can be used to create all sorts of visual displays, and are perfect for smaller house plants.

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Check it out here

wall mounted shelves for plants

17. 3-pack of shelves in 6 colors

Like the product listed above, this is a 3-pack of shelves and the brackets can also be placed whichever way you want. These top rated shelves for plants are a best seller and it’s plain to see why! They come in two shades of gray as well as black and various wood tones, and there’s a trio of differently-sized shelves supplied.

Check it out here

best houseplant shelves

18. Ladder shelf with hook rail

Another option for those who favor the industrial look here. This ladder-style unit is the best shelf for plants when a set of hooks would come in handy (and when wouldn’t they)! Each shelf can hold up to 20 pounds in weight, so again heavy plants pots are no problemo. 8 hooks come with it so you can get hanging right away – and we bet you’ll find multiple uses for these. Just as we do.

Check it out here

industrial pipe shelf - best plant shelves

19. Glamorous gold shelving pair

This stylish set of shelves comes as a two-pack, and includes the elegant gold brackets to hold them up. If gold is a bit too bling for your tastes but you like the shape, you’ll be glad to learn they also come in silver or even contemporary gray with shelves to match. With a depth of over 5.5 inches, there’s ample room here for a number of small to medium plants.

Check it out here

gold plant shelves

20. Mid-century style shelf unit

The gorgeous 1950s look of this shelving unit by Kate and Laurel meant we had to include it on the list! It’s glamorous, but also suitable for minimalists. Available in gold plus brown or white or a rustic brown with black, the bottom shelf is big enough for fairly large pots, while the top one would look super cute with some little cacti lined up on it.

Check it out here

vintage plant shelf

Final Thoughts on the Best Shelves for Plants

I hope you like this list of best plant shelves; they are perfect for those who want to show off their plants in a pretty yet practical way. Whether you’re looking to add in a plant shelf above your bed or find a one-stop storage space for all your plants, these products will create an attractive display to be proud of!

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