15 Pretty Pink Houseplants I Love

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PINK! Who doesn’t love pink houseplants? Pink houseplants have become increasingly popular in recent years, thanks to the beauty of plant variegations. With their eye-catching pink-hued foliage, they make our homes pop with color and our lives burst with joy. Here are 15 pretty pink houseplants that I’m absolutely obsessed with. 

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Pretty Pink Indoor Plants that Are Actually Real

1. Stromanthe Triostar

Ah the Stromanthe Triostar, the superstar of my plant collection! This drop-dead gorgeous pink houseplant has leaves that almost resemble birds’ feathers. They present an optical illusion: the top of the green leaves feature white variegation, but the underside of the leaves is variegated pink and red. Read my Stromanthe Triostar plant care guide.

triostar stromanthe - pretty pink plants

2. Tradescantia Nanouk

This popular pink houseplant is so ridiculously sweet, with lustrous leaves striped with pink and purple undersides. With a cheerful appearance, the Tradescantia is super easy plant perfect for beginners, and it adds such a splash of color. I have a mini Tradescantia that has grown quite a bit over just the course of a few months. Read my complete Tradescantia Nanouk care guide.

pink indoor plants - tradescantian nanouk

3. Anthurium Tickled Pink

The Anthurium Andraeanum is a sturdy plant with glorious colored leaves that are often mistaken as flowers. The leaves first appear as spathes with rich pink-magenta hues and dark purple edges that eventually mature into a beautiful shade of fluorescent pink. This surprisingly hardy plant is so easy to grow, it’s one of the best plants for beginners.

anthurium tickled pink - pink indoor plants

4. Rex Begonia

This rare, and oh so elegant plant is one of most priced items in my plant collection. The Rex Begonia has green fuzzy leaves with silver hues and purplish-pink patterns. They need bright, indirect sunlight so their leaves stay as colorful as possible. These pink indoor plants aren’t the easiest to care for, but their colors are stunningly striking. They’re best used with a plant humidifier to ensure a high level of humidity.

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pink plants - rex begonia

5. Pink Polka Dot Plant

Like its name implies, this patterned plant has leaves adorned with splotches of white, pink, or red. Its scientific name is Hypestes phyllostachya, and it tends to stay small and compact, making it perfect for terrariums. 

beautiful pink plants - pink polka dot plant

6. Pink Princess Philodendron

Another hot favorite among pink houseplant lovers, this Philodendron has leaves that look as though they’ve been painted with hot pink water colors. Leaves are splashed, spotted, and streaked with a shocking pink. But this seemingly princessy plant has a three-digit price tags that only serial plant lovers can afford!

7. Caladium Pink Symphony 

A pink plant that’s high on my wish list, the Pink Caladium has large, heart-shaped leaves with pink centers and veins running through them. The veins are in such contrast to the dark green edges, creating such a beautiful combination of colors.

8. Pink Nerve Plant

Affectionately named the mosaic plant, the Fittonia albivenis has deeply veined green leaves with patterns that resemble that of a mosaic. The veins can be deep pink or white. This tiny plant thrives in indoor containers, and is especially good for terrariums

9. Red Peacock

This award-winning Chinese evergreen variety, Aglaonema Widuri, has a blend of dark and light green foliage, variegated with dark pink and chartreuse hues. The hot pink beauty prefers a bit more sunlight than its darker relatives, but still should be kept in indirect, low light conditions.

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10. Calathea Rosy

The Calathea Rosy is true to its name, with fuschia pink leaves, bordered with a deep, dark green and special patterns that resemble paint strokes. It’s essentially the pink version of the Calathea Medallion. Her most beautiful feature is her closing foliage at sunset and wide open leaves in the morning! This is definitely one of the prettiest Calathea varieties!

11. Coleus Salmon Pink

The Coleus Scutellarioides looks like an artwork and is nicknamed ‘China Rose’. It can be grown indoors if you’ve got a bright window. Many of the Coleus varieties with pink patterns have a green or purple base color. The Coleus is also known as one of the best plants for beginners as it tolerates a wide range of conditions.

12. Pink Rubber Plant

The Ficus Elastica Belize is a variegated plant featuring striking green and cream leaves with slight pink hues on the stems. Some varieties offer a mix of all four colors and give a rainbow-like effect. The pink hues are more subtle than the other pink houseplants on this list, but it’s a gorgeous plant nonetheless. 

13. Syngonium Neon

This gloriously pink indoor plant has heart-shaped foliage, patterned with pink-green variegation. Its leaves start out greenish, but as they grow larger a reddish flaming foliage develops. The Syngonium Podophyllum looks best in hanging baskets, dish gardens, and terrariums. 

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14. Peperomia Caperata Pink Lady

This soft baby pink variegation of the emerald ripple peperomia is so incredibly sweet that it’s impossible not to fall for it. You can grow these easy houseplants in bright light, and allow them to dry out between waterings.

15. Pink Congo

I hesitated to include this Philodendron on this list of pink houseplants, as it’s pretty controversial. The Pink Congo caused a stir in the plant world, when news came out that the plant gets its pink from being treated with a gas. The bubblegum pink color is actually temporary and the leaves will eventually revert back to green. Read about the Pink Congo scam on Wired.

Which of these pink houseplants do you have? Are you dreaming of getting one of these beautiful pink indoor plants? I’d love to hear from you!

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