Best Gifts for Plant Lovers 2022 Guide

Best Gifts for Plant Lovers 2022 Guide
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Looking for a gift for the plant lover in your life? We hope this list of best gifts for plant lovers will help please your green-fingered friends. 

There are so many options when it comes to finding gift ideas for plant lovers that they’re guaranteed to adore. If they cherish their plants as much as I do, then they’re going to fall head-over-heels for any of the plant lover gifts on this list. I promise. 

Whatever your budget, stay right here to source all the best gifts for indoor plant lovers. Whether you want to find a top plant-themed gift for a friend, a family member, a neighbor or a colleague, this guide will show you where to get it. Let’s go!

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23 Best Gifts for Plant Lovers

In this gift guide for plant lovers, I have included the cutest gardening tools, most covetable journals, must-have books and other items like a compact greenhouse-style terrarium and a complete kit for growing indoors if they want to try using lighting.  To make life simpler for you, I’ve divided the options into categories. 

For that and a whole lot more, read on to find 20 plant gift ideas for birthdays, Christmas, thanksgiving. Or any occasion you can think of, really!

Cool Gardening Tools

1. Small stainless steel watering can

This cute little watering can makes a fantastic gift for a plant lover! It’s perfect for hydrating small succulents, where the soil can be surprisingly tricky to get to. The tiny size doesn’t just mean it looks cute, it also ensures they’ll find a gap to slot this can into.

Check it out here

best gifts for plant lovers - watering can

2. Angular watering can in 6 colors

I just love the fact that this cool watering can is available in 6 colors, including polka dot and USA designs in addition to plain copper or black. There’s even a Christmas version for festive gifting!

The handle that matches the spout doesn’t just look sleek, it’s also ergonomically designed to make it super comfortable to hold. Made from stainless steel and with a no-spill design, this is one that really is made to last.

Check it out here

watering can - gift ideas for plant lovers

3. Bright orange pruning snips

They’ll never lose that pair of houseplant pruning shears again once they’ve unwrapped this pair of orange and black snips. Made by leading brand Fiskars, they’ll make light work of any task and have a lifetime warranty.

An Ease of Use commendation from the Arthritis Foundation and blades that will stay sharp forever further adds to the appeal of this ideal gardeners’ gift. 

Check it out here

4. Houseplant misting spray bottle 

A gorgeous vintage glass spray bottle doesn’t only help them to get their indoor gardening tasks done, it also looks great on any shelf. Resembling a larger and more modern version of a vintage glass perfume bottle, I loved receiving a similar one as a gift from a friend, and am currently using it for watering my orchids.  

It’s functional as well as good-looking, ensuring houseplants stay fully hydrated and healthy for lush green foliage and beautiful blooms. Mine is one of the best plant gifts I’ve ever gotten, and I’m positive your recipient will love you for presenting them with one of their own. 

Check it out here

5. Clear plant mister spray

If vintage-style glass isn’t really their thing, then why not go for a thoroughly modern option instead? Their thirsty plants will love you for buying this clear misting spray as a gift, and it comes in some stylish ombre colors as well as plain. 

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This mister can deliver a long continuous spray or a fine cloud of water, and is ergonomically designed for user comfort. It’s even made to use every last drop of water stored inside. It’s a great plant lovers gift especially for men!

Check it out here

plant lover gift

6. Colorful self-watering plant globes

How great is this plant lover gift idea? These plant watering globes consist of a bulb on a stem: water is stored inside the former, and is then drip-fed down the latter to nourish the plant. It’s like a very stylish take on the automatic watering system. Read this guide to learn how to use watering globes.

Bringing the color of the tropics into any home or garden, who could resist this cute pair of birds? This is the ideal gift for those who travel, too, as it takes care of the watering while they’re away! We just love that and use ours often. 

Check it out here

plant lovers gifts - watering globe

7. Cat self-watering plant bulbs

If they like Japanese style or cartoon art, then they’re sure to adore these sweet cat self-watering globes. Made from hand-blown glass, it’s ultra easy to see how much water is left inside. A paw-some gift for gardening fans with a feline friend or two.

Check it out here

gift for a plant lover - cat watering globe

8. LED grow light for indoor plants

If it’s light rather than water their indoor plants crave, then check out this growing light to help make their greenery flourish. There are 5 heads containing 150 red and blue LEDs between them, and these reproduce the conditions provided by Mother Nature to enhance growth.

The flexible necks can be bent into position and there’s even a timer to take care of the plants while their owner is away. Grow lights make great gifts for plant lovers who have years of experience with plants.

Check it out here

grow lights - gift ideas for plant lovers

Gardening Journals

9. Houseplant Care journal

Another great plant lover gift is a houseplant journal. If they’re ever guilty of houseplant neglect, then they need this care journal in their lives (as well as on their nightstand). With two years’ worth of pages for tracking, logging and wish list pages plus calendars, this book has the power to transform the way they care for their greenery.

Check it out here

house plant journal - plant lover gift

10. Guided Garden planner 

If they love their backyard but haven’t quite got it all in order yet, this gardening planner should help to point the way. It will help them plot what to plant and when, keep to a watering schedule and so much more.

Check it out here

garden planner - plant lover gifts

Gardening Books

11. Jungalow – Decorate Wild 

This is one of the best houseplant books that’s as much aimed at interior decor enthusiasts as at plant fans. It’s packed with gorgeous pictures, teaching readers how to reflect their own wild style within their home and outdoor spaces.

This isn’t just a book, it’s a whole lifestyle guide – and one that’s ideal for those who like color and pattern as much as they love their plants.

Check it out here

jungalow - best plant lover gifts

12. How to Houseplant

This book is a little more quirky than some of the tomes used as plant lovers gifts – and is all the better for that. It’s sold as a how-to guide for those who want to make friends with their indoor plants, and covers all you need to know about the 50 most popular species.

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From diseases and pests that can plague their plantage to the best conditions for houseplants to thrive in, this comprehensive yet very accessible read will set them on the right track.

Check it out here

how to houseplant - gifts for plant lovers

13. The Complete Gardener’s Guide

Whether they want to branch out into adding a few plants to a balcony, want to spruce up an untidy patch or start a whole new garden from scratch, this book will prove invaluable. 

With an accessible approach, lots of useful information and no jargon whatsoever, this gardening book is ideal for beginners and intermediate gardening fans. 

Check it out here

gardening guide - presents for plant lovers

14. Wild at Home 

If they dream of beautiful, lush plants that enhance their home, then they really need to get hold of Wild at Home. Celebrity houseplant pro Hilton Carter is the brains behind the pages, and he’s pretty easy on the eye himself.

Hilton guides the reader by the hand, helping them decide where to place the plants, while learning how to propagate them or even how to find the right pot for each one. A must for fans of interior design as well as green-fingered gardeners – and I can vouch for the fact that it looks fab when placed on a coffee table!

Check it out here

wild at home - plant lover gifts

15. Leaf Supply

Leaf Supply is another of the best bets for those who do their gardening inside. This beautiful book covers how to care for around 100 types of indoor plants, and even offers some guidance on styling your home and placing your pots too. Perfect gift for plant lovers who like to read!

Check it out here

leaf supply - gift ideas for plant lovers

16. Field Guide to Urban Gardening

Here at Wild Plantage we know you can grow plants almost anywhere, but if they lack the knowledge or confidence to branch out then this book should help them take the plunge.

Balconies, raised beds, rooftops, vertical gardening, hydroponics and of course indoor plants – they’re all covered in this lively, informative guide written by Kevin from the YouTube channel Epic Gardening. I love the engaging way this one’s written. 

Check it out here

Find more great books for houseplant lovers in this guide

urban gardening - best plant lover gifts

Indoor Plant Stations

17. Indoor growing kit with light

If you’re looking for a gift for beginner plant lovers, then you need to buy them this herb garden kit! It comes complete with a grow light, so they really can grow delicious leaves and even fruits anywhere.

50 varieties are available, ranging from wild strawberries to cilantro, lavender and chili peppers. Best of all is the fact that the plants can then be transferred to an indoor or outdoor pot or planter, freeing up the space so they can then grow something new. 

Check it out here

grow kit - gifts for indoor plant lovers

18. Black glass greenhouse terrarium

How could anyone resist this adorable terrarium made from glass with a sturdy black metal frame? It looks just like a miniature greenhouse! And it’s so easy to keep your plants alive in a terrarium such as this one.

At under 10 inches long it’s surprisingly compact, and would make a great decorative accessory for a desk or indeed any corner of the home. We love placing these around the house. 

Check it out here

greehouse terrarium - gifts for plant lovers

19. Test tube propagation station

Another personal favorite, propagation stations are some of the best gifts for plant lovers as they’re easy to use and look fantastic! This super sturdy terrarium comprises a solid wooden block containing four glass test tube shaped vases for propagating their plants.

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It’s a fun, attractive and simple way to try their hand at growing new plants from cuttings, and once you’ve bought them this propagation station there’s virtually zero cost to them each time! I place all my propagation tubes on my plant shelves, and they make for perfect home decor items. Find out what plants can grow in water and check out more plant propagation stations here.

Check it out here

test tube propagation station - plant lover gift ideas

Best Plant Gifts 

20. Swiss Cheese Plant

If I could pick just one plant to buy for a fan of tropical-style foliage, then it would be the Monstera Deliciosa. It’s my personal favorite, and not too difficult to care for. The name comes from the holes in the leaves, and these make pretty patterns on the floor when the sun shines through them!

The best thing is that a Swiss Cheese Plant is easy to look after. They’ll need to keep an eye out for pests and it may require a little pruning and trimming plus a support stake, but that’s it. Watering is infrequent – about once every two months is enough. Discover more of the best beginner houseplants in this post.

Check it out here

swiss cheese pant - plant as gifts

21. Stromanthe Triostar

Ah the Stromanthe Triostar, the superstar of my plant collection! I actually received it as a house warming gift and fell in love with it the minute it was mine. This drop-dead gorgeous pink houseplant has leaves that almost resemble birds’ feathers. They present an optical illusion: the top of the green leaves feature white variegation, but the underside of the leaves is variegated pink and red. Read my Stromanthe Triostar plant care guide.

stromanthe triostar - best gifts for houseplant lovers

22. Pothos

Another great plant for present is the Pothos. It’s one of the best houseplants for beginners and it’s not only easy to care for, but also gorgeous, thanks to the long trailing vines. That is also the reason behind their common name Devil’s Ivy. It’s literally impossible to kill as it barely needs any care and it grows at an astonishing speed.

plants for presents - pothos

23. Sansevieria

Another tough-as-nails plant is the Sansevieria. Again there are many varieties of Sansevieria, with the Sansevieria trifasciata being the most popular. Nicknamed snake plant or mother-in-law’s tongue, it has these distinctive yellow margins and sword-like leaves, that make it such a great decorative plant. It’s also one of the most adaptive houseplants you can get and it needs minimal caring.

snake plant - best plant lover gift

Final Thoughts on the Best Gifts for Plant Lovers

If you’ve been stuck on what to buy for a house plant lover, then I hope this guide has helped you out! Only items we find genuinely useful or beautiful have been included, and I’ve avoided covering the more obvious items like planters and pots as it’s easy enough to search for those yourself. A plant fan would adore any one of these presents, trust me! Happy gifting. 

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