How to Hang Plants Without Drilling

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Hanging houseplants in your home is such a fun way to liven up the space. The glorious green foliage not only brighten ups your space, but hanging them in creative ways can help add a touch of style to your home.

If you’re not the handy type (like me), there are actually plenty of ways to hang plants without drilling. I’m one of those people who’d rather not touch a power tool in my life, but I’ve managed to hang over 20 plants hanging in my home (check out my house tour).

So if you’re looking for the best way to hang plants, stay right here. To make life easy for you, I’ve compiled a list of methods. Yep, this post is all about how to hang plants – without holes!

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14 Ways to Hang Plants Indoors

1. A Tension Rod

Traditionally used for holding up drapes, tension rods are another great all-rounder that are cheap to buy, won’t damage your walls and don’t even need to touch the ceiling. They work by gripping to the wall either side, and once in place offer a mess-free way to display as many plants as you like. That’s why this is one of the best ways to hang plants indoors – and you can easily take them with you if you move home. 

If you can’t resist buying more plants, this could be the solution for you to hang plants without drilling, as the display can be switched up whenever you’d like. Simply add string, chain or even a cute macrame holder to your potted plant and up, up and away they go. 

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how to hang plants indoors

2. S hooks

S hooks are perfect to use when hanging plants from a rack, rail or hook. If you already have a curtain rod or some kind of fixture on your wall, just get a set of S hooks and you’re set! They’re really affordable too, and come in packs of various sizes and colors. 

There’s no easier or cheaper way to display plants, and we love their multitude of uses around the home too. I use S hooks to hang my plants from my curtain rod, and they work beautifully! Some of the beginner houseplants like Pothos or Philodendron are actually perfect for hanging.

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hanging plants without holes

3. Wall Hanging Planters with Hooks

This kinda combines the previous ideas and makes hanging plants indoors a breeze. Again it’s a great way to save space and add some life to your blank walls. These wall hanging planters are lightweight and made of plastic, and they already come with adhesive hooks that are ridiculously easy to hang. I can’t wait to try them myself!

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hanging plants without holes

4. A Clothes Rack

Sometimes clever solutions involve thinking outside the box – or even the closet. Repurpose an old clothing rack or buy a new one and you could showcase all your plants in one stylish place. It should certainly make watering an easier task with them all in one place. You can also easily place a plant humidifier at the bottom of the clothes rack and it’ll work its magic.

Opting for a clothing rail with one or more built-in bottom shelves is a no brainer as you have even more surfaces to fill with your favorite living, breathing decorations. With a line of plants suspended from the rail above and rows of them displayed beneath, this is a great way to show off your green fingered skills.

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5. A Coat or Hat Stand

Hat and coat stands were designed to make maximum use of narrow entryway spaces, so they’re ideal for hanging plants indoors too. Choose carefully, though, as ideally you want one with long enough hooks that stick out straight from the center rather than at an angle.

Even if you only have a tiny corner space, this is a super simple way to hang a series of pretty plants by using S-hooks or macrame holders. These coat stands are particularly suitable for hanging your plant propagation stations.

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6. Adhesive Wall or Ceiling Hooks

A pack of heavy duty multi-purpose hooks can have so many uses that I wonder what I did without them! They can be hung from a range of vertical or horizontal surfaces made from glass, metal, wood or even marble. They can hold up to 22 lbs each, making the ideal ceiling hooks for plants.

If you want to find a way to hang from the ceiling without drilling, this could be your first port of call. I have like 10 of these in my home, and I use them to show off my glossy green-leaved beauties in all sorts of places – from the underside of a shelf to the bathroom ceiling. 

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hooks for hanging plants

7. Suction Hooks for Skylights

If you live in the kind of condo or townhouse that has those cute skylights that open out onto the stars, then you’ve just lucked out. Stick a suction hook or two to the smooth glass surface of your roof window and you just scored a whole new way to hang those gorgeous trailing Pothos or Philodendron.

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These hooks can support up to 13lbs in weight, making them good to go for all but extremely heavy houseplants. Invest in these and you can enjoy looking up at tropical, jungle style foliage all year round.

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hanging plants indoors

8. Over Door Hooks

You’ve probably seen those rows of over door hooks that are widely available – but did you know that you can purchase packs of separate hooks too? I use these to hang plants from my staircase railings.

Buy a set of these and you can hang 10 plants of the doors in your home – whether they’re doors between rooms or closet doors. As the ones we’ve found stick out straight, they’re perfect for creating a back-of-the-door plant display too.

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hanging plants indoors

9. A Leaning Shelving Ladder

Leaning ladders have been favoured by interior designers for some years now, and I have to admit we’re fans in my house! What’s not to love about industrial and slightly quirky looking storage that barely takes up any floor space at all?

Simple to put together, you can lean this against a wall once you’re done, all ready for displaying your favorite indoor fauna. With five shelves that increase in width toward the bottom, there’s plenty of space here for all your latest greenery. I place my baby Tradescantia Nanouk and Stromanthe Triostar on my ladder shelf and they look stunning on display.

Check it out here

10. A Rustic Wooden Ladder

If you’re looking for something more rustic, consider this wooden blanket ladder. In this case, you use the treads as hanging rails for displaying your pots of foliage or flowers instead.

With six rungs, you can choose between black and white to complement any home. I recommend combining with S-hooks or chains for a vertical hanging garden look.

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hanging plants from ladder

11. Wall Mount Air Plant Holders

Looking for something special? These air plant holders are definitely unique and one of a kind. You can use them to creatively display your air plants (tillandsia) on your vertical wall or even the ceiling.

Simply mount the white silicone base with the stainless steel prongs to the wall with its own 3M adhesive tape and then place your air plant between the stainless steel wire prongs.

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airplant wall holders

12. Magnetic Hooks for Metal Surfaces

Next time you walk into your apartment or house, take a look up. Any metal hardware up there? If you have anything like an air vent made from metal on your ceiling, then you could use tough magnetic hooks to hang your houseplants from. 

They could also be hung from the underside of a metal shelf if you have one. As long as your chosen plant and its pot combined weigh 22 lbs or less combined, you’re onto a winner!

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hanging plants indoors

13. Macrame Plant Holders

Made from string that’s been entwined together in a variety of combinations, the trend for macrame pot holders shows no signs of slowing. The hanging hook is built in, so it’s all ready for adding to your chosen rail or hook once you’ve placed the plant inside.

We love the set of six that comes in light gray, soft caramel or cream, and it offers incredible value for money too. As long as your plants are 8 inches in diameter or less, they’ll fit snugly inside these attractive macrame holders. These macreme plant holders are particularly great to hang the Pothos, Philodendron, and Tradescantia Nanouk.

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macrame hanging planters - hanging plant ideas

14. Macrame Hanging Shelves

So you can’t have missed seeing macrame pot holders – but have you set eyes on the cutest macrame hanging shelves available right now?

Whether you’re using magnetic, adhesive or suction hooks, or will be hanging your pots from some kind of rail or rod – these sweet macrame shelves will make your display look irresistibly pretty. The height is adjustable, and of course you can use them to display other favorite items too.

Check it out here

hanging plants from ceiling - macrame shelves

Final Thoughts on How to Hang Plants without Drilling

As you can see, it takes just a little imagination and creativity to find a show-stopping way to display your favorite living objects within even a tiny home.

We hope this post has given you a little green-living inspo and helped guide you on how to hang plant pots from a ceiling or wall without making holes or damaging the plaster. Check out more of our plant articles below:

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