Welcome to My Green Home!

To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.

– Audrey Hepburn.

Hi, I’m Nellie! I’m a plant addict.

My plant journey began with a tiny Pilea. I’d received it from my friend as a housewarming gift. In a bid to keep it alive, I researched like a geek and learned all I could about caring for a Pilea. I became obsessed.

A few weeks later, I picked up two more plants at a supermarket. And then I got another, and another. The rest is history. My collection has now grown to almost 50 plants.

Having plants has brought so much joy to my life. There is something therapeutic and calming about their presence. They breath life into each corner of my living space, and add vibrant colors especially in gloomy winter days. They also bring a slice of the tropics – I grew up in Singapore – to my current home in the Netherlands.

Personally, caring for plants has evolved into a form of self care. My days are jam packed with either work, travel or parenting, but I always find time for my plants. Tending for plants relaxes me, and it gives me the kind of downtime I need. Even scientists have proven that happiness can be brought through nurturing plants.

My Story

For years, I traveled intensively around the world. I was so obsessed with travel that I built a life and career around it. My travel blog, Wild Junket, landed me assignments for major travel magazines, guidebook companies and even a book deal. I’ve since traveled to 140+ countries across seven continents.

Since becoming a mother six years ago, I’ve slowed down and learned to appreciate the joy in staying put. I discovered a new-found love for building a comfortable green home, parenting in a fun and engaging way, and caring for my plant babies.

That’s why I started this lifestyle blog. I wanted a space to share my world beyond travel. By creating Wild Plantage, I hope to inspire you to living in a simple but meaningful way.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many plants do you have?

My current plant count is 50. I actually don’t spend that much on plants. You can get really good deals at supermarkets or when garden centers have sales.

2. How do you keep your plants healthy when you’re traveling?

I usually use self-watering bulbs for plants. They make sure my plants have enough water for two weeks, and that does the trick. Check out my recommended list of watering globes.

3. How much time do you spend caring for your houseplants?

Honestly, not that much! I don’t have a fixed plant-caring routine. Instead I water my plants only when they need them. Only on Sunday mornings do I take the time to wipe down their leaves or prune my plants.

4. How do you juggle parenthood with caring for your plants and travel?

Believe me, it’s not easy. But it’s well worth it. It’s all about prioritizing your time and making sure you make time for things that matter to you.

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